SIVA’s Must-Haves
Over 50 years, many products have characterized SIVA’s collections. Two examples stand out, representing the past and the present. For many years, the patented AUTOSOFT exemplified a specific type of product with differentiated elasticity, designed so producers could create models that did not require the application of elastic finishing.
SIVALENCIENNE was launched in 2012 and is still state-of-the-art. Its themes are refreshed seasonally, while always maintaining its distinctive characteristics: lightweight, refined, and soft. Sivalencienne lace is made with high-twist yarns, which are 40% percent thinner than Jacquardtronic or Textronic ones. The resulting transparency gives them the look of a watermark.

Silicon Coating
SIVA incorporated a silicone-coating unit in 2013, renovated and upgraded with a new line for be-component silicone coating. A new three-component silicone was recently developed in collaboration with a supplier-partner, which can be used in the medical hosiery sector. As well as taking custom-orders from clients, SIVA also cuts the bands in pairs and packages them in rings. SIVA makes lace and elastic bands from 3 to 30 cm in height.

We have been working with the SIVA team for almost 10 years, developing technology together, and we are really happy with the excellent relationship established between our two companies. We trust each other, and that is really valuable to our daily business. What is impressive about SIVA is their flexibility and their desire to innovate and propose new products to their own customers. And we like that! We give them the tools and support, and their creativity does the rest. They can turn around processes and come up with the right products to satisfy their customer. For us at Bluestar Silicones, it is always a pleasure to work on new projects with SIVA!
Pierre Defaux, Bluestar Silicones, Global Business
Manager Textile Coating

SIVA is a reliable supplier and it is a pleasure to collaborate with their professional staff, who are always available and open to new ideas. Our collaboration, which goes back many years, has brought us optimal results, notwithstanding the difficulties of the market. Today, SIVA is one of our most important suppliers of silicone elasticized bands for stay-up hosiery. In the near future, we hope to have them count among our lace suppliers for our new project, Conte Lingerie.
Dmitriy Bayko, Conte, Owner & Founder